DIY Tools for E-Mail Marketing and E-Newsletters – Plus DIY Social Media, Surveys, Polls and More with Constant Contact and Continuum

Do It Yourself E-Mail Marketing Tools

Continuum Marketing Group has used Constant Contact’s e-mail marketing system for many years to help our clients market more effectively.  Continuum offers value added services to our clients who wish our help. But the Constant Contact e-mail marketing system is also good for those who want a Do It Yourself (DIY) solution.

DIY E-Mail Marketing and More from Constant Contact and Continuum Marketing Group

Constant Contact is one of the leading companies providing online DIY e-mail and e-marketing tools and Continuum is a Constant Contact Solutions Provider.  By using the link below to our co-branded Continuum/Constant Contact portal you can sign up for one of Constant Contact’s DIY e-mail and e-marketing programs and make use of many of the same tools that Continuum uses for our clients.  There are tools for:

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • E-Newsletter Marketing
  • E-Announcements
  • Online and E-Mail Surveys
  • Online and E-Mail Polling Tools
  • Event E-Invitations and Online Registration/RSVP Tools
  • Social Media Publishing Tools
  • Online E-Mail List Signup and Unsubscribing
  • E-Marketing Analytical Tools
  • Online Training
  • Online and Phone Support from Constant Contact
  • And More….

Great DIY E-Mail Marketing Tools for Remodeling Contractors and More

Continuum is here to help Remodeling Contractors, General Contractors and those in the Remodeling Industry with additional services to help you get a successful e-marketing program with Constant Contact up and going.  But Constant Contact is also good for most small businesses, community groups, associations, any organization that wants to use e-marketing.

So if you are part of another business or organization or know people who are and would like a DIY e-marketing set of tools, please let them know and send them a link to this page.  Non-Profits get special discounts.

For Remodeling Companies:

  • Full Service Remodeling Contractors
  • Design Build Remodelers
  • General Contractors
  • Specialty Contractors
  • Home Improvement Contractors
  • Replacement Contractors

And for Others*:

  • Community Groups
  • Trade Associations
  • Business Groups
  • Religious Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools
  • And More…

*Because the DIY marketing system we offer comes from Constant Contact which serves the remodeling industry and many others, Continuum can offer the Constant Contact DIY e-marketing tools to all types of businesses and organizations. Continuum’s value added services related to Constant Contact’s DIY marketing tools are focused on the remodeling industry. But, Constant Contact offers online training and online and phone support to all.  Also, for Continuum clients signing up for Constant Contact accounts for organizations they belong to such as NARI chapters, kids’ sports leagues, charities, etc. Continuum will provide these groups assistance as it can as a courtesy to our clients.

Some of the things you can do with Continuum’s Constant Contact DIY E-marketing tools:

  • Create, grow, maintain & manage an e-mail opt-in list
  • Create and publish e-mail e-newsletters and e-mail blasts
  • Create and implement e-mail marketing programs
  • Send out announcements by e-mail
  • Send invitations to events and manage the responses online
  • Create and run your own Surveys and Polls
  • Enhance your social media efforts with Constant Contact’s special tools
  • See and measure how your e-mail marketing efforts are working
  • And More…

For DIY E-Mail Marketing Tools


For DIY E-Mail Marketing Tools

Our Relationship to the Marketing Service and Product Providers We Recommend

Continuum first and foremost recommends DIY and other marketing and marketing-related service providers that we believe can be helpful to our clients when used properly.  In most cases we have no formal or legal relationship to the other company, nor do we receive any compensation for our referrals. In some cases we have formal or informal “reseller” or “referrer” or similar relationships. These relationships are sometimes called “Business Partner”, “Partner”, “Marketing Partner” or similar names.  However, in the legal sense of the term “Partner” we are not partners of these other companies. Continuum is a separate company. Depending on the nature of the formal reseller/referral source relationships we have, we may be eligible for a commission or finders fee.