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GuildQuality is the leading provider of homeowner satisfaction surveys for the remodeling and home building industry.

For many years now, we’ve seen with our own clients how using GuildQuality services helps them improve their business in many ways.

When we are working with a new client who we believe can benefit from GuildQuality, which is very often, we strongly recommend they sign up with GuildQuality. And not just for the marketing benefits.

Continuum helps our clients working with GuildQuality get the most marketing value from their membership by helping them use the right mix and strategy of GuildQuality marketing features, and by integrating, leveraging and optimizing their use of GuildQuality into their overall marketing programs.

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We Recommend GuildQuality Because It Helps Our Clients Do Better by Providing:

Important Company and Staff Performance Improvement Information

Their service provides you with very useful information about where your company is doing well and what needs improvement. It lets you break down homeowner reviews many ways so you can see if one sales rep or project manager is doing better or worse than others. You can compare your company’s results to those of a number of different “peer” groups.

Flexibility in Metrics Measured and Types of Surveys

GuildQuality lets you determine the metrics you wish to have rated. You can select surveys that measure how your sales process is doing, how projects are doing in progress, when projects are complete and even after a period of time. You can have custom questions as well as using GQ’s standard questions.

Value That Can Help Your Marketing in Many Ways

Continuum can help you maximize the most marketing mileage from the program as provided by GuildQuality and as integrated with the rest of your marketing efforts. We can show you how and help you to leverage high ratings and positive reviews. We can show you how to integrate GuildQuality into your online and traditional marketing efforts. In short, we can show you how to get even more value from a GuildQuality subscription.

And More…

By signing up for a trial using the link below, not only will Continuum help you get the most out of GuildQuality with strategies and tactics we have found most effective, but GuildQuality’s team will also work with you to get the most value from the many and varied benefits they can provide.

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