Continuum Marketing Group is All About Remodeler Marketing

Continuum was founded in 2002 to provide remodeling contractors a better, more effective and more comprehensive way to develop, implement and manage their marketing efforts. We call this “Smarter Marketing” because the strategies and approaches we have identified, developed and use work in concert with each other to allow each to leverage the others for a more efficient means of marketing. We typically use a range of traditional, digital, time-tested and innovative marketing approaches and strategies in an integrated fashion and customized around the needs of each of our individual clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Nationally Recognized Remodeling Company Marketing Experts

Not long after our founding, Continuum Marketing Group LLC and our senior staff became nationally recognized for our expertise in remodeling contractor marketing.  Our company founders, David and Cynthia Alpert, have more than two decades of experience developing and managing strategic and tactical marketing for the remodeling industry and remodeling companies just like yours. In fact, they had almost a decade of experience marketing remodeling services on local, regional and national levels before 2002, the year they founded Continuum.

We are Remodeling Contractor Marketing Specialists

Continuum’s total focus is providing the best remodeling contractor marketing services possible so we can deliver the best results for our clients. We don’t sell to other types of businesses. We know the business of remodeling and how to market remodeling contractor services. We also know how different types of remodeling businesses need to market differently and how homeowners buy remodeling services.

Not Like Other Marketing Providers

Most marketing firms offering comprehensive marketing services work with many types of businesses. Few have worked with remodeling firms. Having worked with one or two other remodelers does not make you a remodeling marketing expert.

Most marketing service firms targeting remodelers focus on only one or two methods of marketing. It might be post cards or websites, SEO or social media, etc. They may be an online website focused solely on selling you leads or a print publication selling ad space.  Listening to these marketing services, you might think your marketing problems can be solved by simply using all your budget on their one approach.

To provide the best and most effective marketing for remodelers, we focus only on marketing remodelers. We don’t work with remodelers and also plumbers, accountants, and other types businesses. Our training, research, experience is all about remodeler marketing.
One of the things that sets us apart from most marketing companies, even those that do remodeler marketing, is how much we know about the business of remodeling that is not directly related to marketing. By understanding the non-marketing aspects of remodeling, we are better able to use marketing to help our clients cost effectively market their services and solve problems.
If you have ever worked with a marketing company that you had to “bring up to speed on the remodeling business” you know two things. First, it can be time-consuming and expensive for you. You also know that you could never afford to spend your time or pay them for their time to make them as knowledgeable about the business of remodeling as would be best.

Most of the time when we first talk with a prospective client, they are quite amazed at how much we know and understand about the remodeling business. They are also pleased at how we use this to recommend sensible solutions for their marketing challenges.

By working with many remodelers across the country, we know what marketing approaches and strategies work universally and what must be custom-crafted for a region, target demographic and mix of services.
By working with so many remodelers over so many years and by doing ongoing research, we are always looking to identify, develop and refine the best ways to market remodelers in different situations. We then use the best practices suited to a client’s situation.
We constantly see remodelers who are using marketing approaches that we could have predicted up front wouldn’t work or won’t be cost effective. Our clients can rely on us to help them evaluate marketing “opportunities” they are presented with by sales reps who are touting what they are selling as a surefire way to grow business.
While we use industry best practices, we know that they only work when applied in the right way for the right situation. So Continuum does not blindly apply cookie cutter marketing solutions. We customize or develop custom solutions for each client after determining their needs.
By providing a wide range of services and by our adjusting what we offer as remodeler marketing evolves, our clients can count on us to provide them with the marketing approach or tool for their need. We’re not like other marketing firms who recommend only the tools they sell.
Most remodeler marketing is done on a piecemeal basis. Marketing plans are often more lists of things being done than coordinated, orchestrated and strategic efforts. Marketing efforts are sometimes focused on solving one problem when, if viewed from a broader perspective, could accomplish and support multiple marketing and business objectives. So Continuum always tries to look at the broadest view practical when working with a client.
To determine the right way to market any remodeler, the right questions must be asked first. We know the remodeling business more than most marketing firms and this gives us the insight to ask those questions, not about the business of remodeling but what we need to know about your company, your goals, objectives, how you operate, and many other things other marketing firms would never think to ask. After asking those questions, we listen carefully to your answers. We also know how to read those answers and use them to your advantage.

Continuum Offers Depth & Breadth of Remodeler Marketing Know-How

Continuum knows the remodeling business and the many ways to market remodeling firms. Our services and practices are designed around the special needs of remodeling firms.

We provide a wider range, broader perspective and deeper understanding of how to best create strategies, select tactics and use both digital and traditional marketing to promote remodelers. Just as it requires a variety of quality tools and materials coupled with knowledge, skill and experience to remodel a home properly and efficiently, it requires the same to cost effectively market a remodeling contractor. Continuum brings this to the table to help you.

Remodeling industry trade press writers and editors have tapped into the knowledge Continuum Marketing Group has about remodeling contractor marketing. Our staff have been interviewed and quoted many times in a number of industry publications.

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