Continuum Marketing Group’s Advantages for Remodelers

Some of the many benefits of using Continuum Marketing Group for your remodeling firm’s marketing include:

Continuum provides remodelers a one-stop shop for creating effective marketing programs and for many of your marketing program needs.

We can serve as your virtual marketing team, handling everything, or we can provide tactic-specific components of your marketing program such as SEO, e-newsletters, website development, etc. We can even help you with DIY marketing tools selected by us for their value to remodeling firm marketing.

  • We are nationally recognized as remodeling firm marketing experts, not just providers of remodeling firm marketing services.
  • Our recommendations draw on two decades of effective remodeling industry marketing.
  • We can work with you in many different ways and offer many different tactics to create the right program for your specific remodeling firm.
  • Our trademarked ASPIRE-CM® marketing methodology customizes and guides your marketing program.
  • We not only know marketing, we know the remodeling business intimately so we don’t have to learn about it on your dime.
  • Our services and programs are designed around the real-world needs of remodeling firms and tailored for each company’s specific needs, market, and business goals.
  • All our clients are remodelers and we can put their “lessons learned” to work for your advantage.
  • Our staff is constantly researching to find or develop the best of the best practices in remodeling firm marketing.
  • Our senior staff have been pioneers in remodeling firm marketing, correctly forecasting new remodeling marketing opportunities and developing innovative ways to deal with the marketing challenges the industry faces.
  • We combine analytical, strategic and creative skills to optimize the cost-effectiveness of the marketing services we provide. And we have our own current and historical remodeler marketing data to use to provide you with the smartest marketing possible.
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