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The Marketing Firm Some of the Country’s Best and Brightest Remodelers Select

Smart Remodelers Appreciate the Value of  Smarter Marketing

Our services include providing you the intelligent and selective use of a wide range of strategic and tactical marketing approaches. We base what we recommend to you on what we believe will provide your company the most cost effective marketing solution. Generally this means thoughtfully integrating and leveraging a combination of marketing tools, tactics and methods within the context of a carefully crafted marketing strategy and plan. The very best results are achieved by also monitoring and assessing the program’s results and making adjustments over time to account for changing needs and to optimize results.

We Focus on You and Your Needs & Priorities

Continuum’s Smarter Remodeling Contractor Marketing services are focused on helping you improve your remodeling firm’s bottom line. We do so by making the marketing and sales efforts of your business more effective and cost efficient. We do so by helping make your sales and marketing costs a smaller part of your company’s gross sales. We do so by providing you marketing services customized around your company’s needs.

From Marketing Program Elements to Comprehensive Remodeler Marketing Programs

We help our clients achieve smarter marketing by providing them the type of marketing that works best for them. For some remodelers, it is a complete, comprehensive, custom turnkey marketing program. For others, it is providing them with customized components for their existing marketing programs. And for others, we provide customized components and show them how they can integrate and leverage what we provide with their existing program to get even more benefit.

We Deliver What YOU Need

Working directly with company owners we have completely planned, developed and managed comprehensive turnkey marketing programs for some of the country’s top remodeling firms. We’ve done the same for some remodelers on their way up.

We also work very well as a team member, coordinating with the staff members who are responsible for marketing. From marketing directors, to office managers, to receptionists and assistants.

Types of Remodeling Contractor Marketing Services & Capabilities We Offer:

  • Online Marketing
    • E-newsletters & E-marketing
    • Surveys & Polling
    • Event Management
  • Traditional Marketing
    • Post Card Printing & Mailing
    • Full Color Printing (small runs)
    • Business Cards
    • Post Cards (free templates)
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Door Hangers
    • Custom Cards
  • Webinars on Marketing

We Have the Knowledge, Experience, Skills & Tools Needed:

  • Strategy
  • Program Planning
  • Program Management
  • Creative
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Programming
  • Online Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Hosting
  • Advertising
  • Media Buying
  • Public Relations
  • And More…

Is Your Marketing Working (and Working Well) for You Across the Entire Marketing Continuum?

1) Brand Awareness

2) Brand Understanding

3) Developing Brand Preference

4) Contact with Company

5) Sales Process

6) Closing the Sale

7) Positive Project Experience

8) Relationship Maintenance and Enhancement

9) Reputation, Repeat and Referral Business

The Marketing Continuum for remodeling contractors starts with prospects becoming aware of your company. It continues through other stages generally in sequence, such as developing an understanding of what your company does (brand understanding), and developing a preference for your brand, which makes them inclined to contact and use you.  The experience your clients have with your company from the first phone call, through sales and especially during the project, is what crafts your reputation and defines how your brand will be spread through word of mouth. Ideally you want to create raving fans of your company, who will spread your reputation by word of mouth or great reviews, become repeat clients and recommend their friends and family.

When crafting a marketing program for your remodeling firm, you must make sure that no part of the marketing continuum is unsupported.  Any missing or weak link in your marketing continuum could be a place you lose an opportunity, a client, a fan or future referrals and repeat business.  This is why the Marketing Continuum for Remodeler Marketing is important to keep in mind. It’s why Continuum Marketing Group looks at your marketing across the entire continuum and even why we call ourselves Continuum Marketing Group.

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