Digital Web Marketing Services for Remodeling Contractors

Whether you call it “Web Marketing”, “Internet Marketing”, “Digital Marketing”, or “Online Marketing” you probably know that this type of marketing is all but universally recognized as a crucial tool in today’s remodeling contractor’s marketing toolbox.

What you may not know is that the digital web marketing strategies and tactics that work best for remodelers are often not the same as those most effective for other types of businesses. Effective web marketing for remodeling companies has its own unique set of best practices. This is why Continuum focuses on identifying and enhancing the web marketing that works best for remodelers and contractors. Just because some internet marketing strategy works well for a different kind of business does not mean it should be used for remodeling firm marketing.

Experts Specifically in Remodeler Web Marketing

Continuum’s staff knows how effective remodeler web marketing is different than online digital marketing for other types of businesses. We know this because Continuum researches,  measures and analyzes what works and doesn’t work for remodeling firms. We also keep on top of the latest trends and approaches in digital web marketing in general but only recommend and use for our clients the ones that work best for remodeling contractors.

Identifying, Developing & Testing What Works Best for Digital Internet Remodeler Marketing

We sometimes take internet marketing strategies and techniques used by other industries that appear to have promise for remodeler marketing and test them. After we identify the web marketing approaches that work best for remodeling contractors, we often improve upon the new approach to be even more effective for remodelers. We develop and use special remodeling-specific approaches for internet marketing results measurement and assessment. By carefully observing and analyzing the results of remodeler web marketing we conduct we are able to determine which approaches work better and more cost effectively for remodelers than others. We also pay attention to the many variables as, even within the remodeler marketing niche we specialize in, there are online marketing strategies and tactics that work better for some companies and some situations than others.

By knowing remodeler marketing (internet and overall) as we do, we can also rule out many forms of web marketing that work but just aren’t as cost effective for remodelers as other web marketing or traditional marketing methods. One of the ways Continuum is better and uniquely positioned to help remodelers more than many internet marketing companies is that we can help them determine not only what web marketing strategies are most cost effective but also when non-online marketing will be even more so.

Online Remodeler Marketing Made More Effective

Web marketing can be very expensive and not produce the desired results if what you do is the wrong approach, not well thought-out or improperly planned, monitored and analyzed. We take special pains to make sure we recommend and use the web marketing that is most appropriate for each of our clients. We also monitor and custom refine your online marketing over time. And we do this for all our clients so we can compare results.  We also know it’s not being #1 on Google or how many visitors you get on your website that matters to your company. It is how much business the internet marketing generates. We know what to do and what to measure so that your online program leads to the results you care about, not the metrics online marketers care about.

Continuum’s Staff Pioneered Online Remodeler Marketing & Continue to Innovate

Members of Continuum’s senior staff saw the potential for online marketing for remodeling companies before most experts in the industry. Some of the first remodeler websites were developed by Continuum’s senior staff. At that time they also developed what we believe was the first “web-centric” model for remodeler marketing in the industry. Building on Continuum’s experience with print newsletter marketing, Continuum was also among the first remodeling industry marketing firms using strategic e-newsletter marketing for remodelers. Today Continuum continues to innovate and refine internet marketing and integrated marketing approaches best suited for remodeling firms.

Internet and Web Marketing PC Tablet and Mobile

Types of Internet Marketing Services Continuum Offers

Our clients’ needs vary and the web marketing that works best for remodelers changes over time. So Continuum monitors a range of digital marketing practices and recommends and implements the ones we believe are best for your company based on many different factors. The types of online marketing we are using and monitoring include:

Remodeler Online Marketing is Best as Part of an Integrated Marketing Program

Internet marketing is a great tool for remodeler marketing but what you won’t hear from most web marketing firms is that online marketing is neither the only tool, always the best, always the most cost effective nor is it best when used without a complete online/offline marketing strategy. Internet marketing does some things better than other types of marketing, but other, non-web based marketing can be better and more cost effective in some cases. Generally the most effective and cost efficient marketing program is the strategic and integrated combination of online and traditional marketing efforts used together.

Continuum can help you select the best online marketing approaches and help you integrate them into your existing marketing program or provide you online marketing within the context of an overall marketing program Continuum can develop and implement for you.

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