Did Your Online Directories Check Show Any Problems?

Did you find your company:

  • Is NOT listed on all of the directories scanned

  • Information is not correct or is incomplete

  • Information is not EXACTLY as it is on your website

  • Has duplicate or inconsistent listings

These Issues are Important

When ranking your company’s website, search engines use*:

  • Consistency of your company Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) in online directories and other online venues

  • Consistency in the categories your company is listed under in online directories

  • Online ratings and reviews

  • And other online factors in helping to determine how high your website will link.

*These are not the only factors that impact your website’s ranking.

Continuum Uses Multiple Approaches for You

The scan you completed scanned some of the top online directories, but not all. Systems that manage online directories generally only can help with a limited number of online directories. Even if this number is 100 or more, they only will impact a portion of the directories that may be of value to you.

So Continuum teams with several online directory partners. Each one helps assure accurate listings in large numbers of different major directories. No service covers all directories, so we use several to help assure your online directory listings in a larger number of online directories are consistent and correct. We also identify and provide special attention and services for directory types that are important to your company where online directory partners can’t help.  We go beyond what many other online marketing firms offer to help remodeling contractors.

Continuum Cuts Through the Hype for You

Almost every online directory we’ve ever talked to says if you only use their paid plan you will get leads, and the paid program will pay for itself. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to remodeling contractors, few online directories are worth spending any money on for paid advertising or promoted listings. Especially when you consider the cost of the paid program as a percent of your gross sales coming from that directory listing. Knowing which ones are not likely to help you is as important as knowing which ones may help you. You won’t get that information from online directory sales reps.

What Continuum’s Objective Is With Online Directories

Our goal is simple. It is to help your remodeling firm maximize the value and cost effectiveness you get from being listed in online directories using mostly free listings and, only when appropriate, paid promoted listings.

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