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Custom E-Newsletter Marketing for Remodelers

Continuum Marketing Group offers unique custom e-newsletter programs specifically for remodeler marketing.  That’s why our remodeling contractor e-newsletter marketing programs do more than just keep your name in front of past clients and prospects. They are strategically developed, written and designed to help drive repeat business, increase referrals and help generate projects from those readers with no other connection to your firm. To help keep your pipeline filled and your remodeling business growing.

Remodeler E-newsletter Marketing by continuum

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Remodeling Contractors Say Our E-Newsletter Marketing Programs Help:

  • Keep the remodeling firm’s readers connected to the company
  • Increase repeat and referral sales
  • Increase sales to new prospects
  • Enhance lead capture and increase lead contact over time
  • Show off new work, awards and certifications
  • Announce new services
  • Improve the value of the remodeling firm’s website

Continuum’s E-newsletter Programs are Crafted to Reflect the Best of Your Company

Our e-newsletters for remodelers pack more marketing punch. Each issue promotes your unique brand and the specific types of remodeling projects you want to be selling.

The photos, design and content all reflect the same quality you put into your remodeling work. Plus, Continuum e-newsletters focus on your own unique differentiators as a remodeling contractor and customized content is designed to open conversations about the specific types of home remodeling projects you want to sell.

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Powerful E-newsletter Marketing Programs That are Super Easy to Implement

Our e-newsletter marketing programs are also designed to make it as easy as possible for your company to implement an outstanding and effective e-newsletter program.  We take the time to learn about your business, goals, and market up front and then we develop a custom editorial calendar and provide all the articles for you.  After we have interviewed you and you have provided us your company logo and project photos, for the most part you only have to approve the editorial calendar and each issue as it is prepared.  We even will interview you when we write custom articles about your company, your projects, awards, certifications, new services, etc.  for your e-newsletter. We reduce your time involvement to a minimum while delivering you an outstanding e-newsletter marketing tool.

Strategic, Analytical & Creative Thinking is What Drives Results

Our e-newsletter programs are strategically designed to drive results. We use creativity and content to make our e-newsletters appealing so your readers will keep connected to your company. We also work the numbers: we monitor your e-newsletter stats such as open rates, opt outs, list growth and compare them to other remodeler e-newsletters and to other similar industries. This way we keep on top of what is working best and can keep improving what we deliver for you.

Leverage Your E-newsletter Marketing Investment to Boost ROI

Because we are more than just an e-newsletter company, we have developed our e-newsletter marketing programs to integrate with and leverage your other marketing so that they can deliver even more value and a higher ROI. Our e-newsletter programs can help with adding content to your website, Website Optimization, Blogging, Social Media, Brand Enhancement and more.

And We Can Deliver More Than Just E-newsletter Marketing

The platform we use allows you, or Continuum on your behalf, to also use your e-mail mailing list for other types of e-marketing, e-announcements, and can include as options e-surveys, e-polls, select aspects of social media and e-event marketing.

And there is no additional charge beyond the e-newsletter program fee unless you have Continuum help you with the other marketing effort.



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