Only We Offer: Continuum’s Managed Online Marketing (C-MOM)

C-MOM is Designed to Make Online Remodeler Marketing More Effective, Flexible & Efficient

Continuum developed C-MOM for remodeling contractors because online remodeler marketing needs to be flexible and efficient in order to be more effective and provide the best results.  These days, best practices for online remodeler marketing change at a pace faster than ever before.  Your online marketplace and company’s marketing need to adapt in order to keep up. Different online marketing approaches help solve different marketing needs.

C-MOM Makes Being Responsive to Changing Online Marketing Needs Easier & Faster for Remodelers

With C-MOM, Continuum monitors these ever-changing factors and adjusts your online marketing strategies and tactics so that your budget is being used where it is most needed and not where it is not.



Continuum developed C-MOM for optimizing online marketing.



Managed to maximize your marketing’s cost- effectiveness.



Because online marketing offers many benefits and options.



Marketing that is integrated is more efficient and more effective.

To be most effective, your online marketing must do most of these:

  • Help prospects find your website when they are looking for you by your name or your company name
  • Draw traffic to your website and/or other online presences for prospects looking for your type of services and in your service area
  • Have these online presences build brand awareness, brand understanding, brand preference and interest in contacting your company
  • Convert visitors to leads
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Filter out unqualified leads
  • Help you market as cost efficiently as possible

C-MOM Focuses on What is Best for YOU

Effective and cost efficient online marketing for remodelers is different than online marketing for other types of businesses. What works for them may not be suited for you. The combination of what works best for you online and how it ties into other types of marketing is different from other types of businesses and even from remodeler to remodeler. C-MOM’s approach is to tailor your online marketing now and evolve over time so it is working for YOU and fits into your overall marketing to provide the best, most cost effective results.

C-MOM Uses What Works for Remodelers & Your Business in Particular

There are more types of online marketing strategies, tools, tactics, etc. then you can imagine and they are changing all the time. Not every HOT online marketing approach is appropriate for remodelers. Not every online marketing approach is right for every remodeler.

C-MOM selectively uses and optimizes the use of online marketing approaches such as:

  • Your Website
  • Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Optimization
  • E-Marketing
  • Online Engagement
  • Lead Capture Systems
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Online Remarketing
  • Social Media
  • Online Public Relations
  • Blogging 
  • Content Marketing
  • Trade Directories
  • Online Business Directories
  • Online Community Directories
  • Organization Directories
  • Association Directories
  • Specialized Home-Related Sites
  • Paid Listings
  • Online Cross-Marketing  
  • Online Surveys & Polling
  • Online Event Marketing
  • And More…  

C-MOM Uses the Right Tool, in the Right Way, at the Right Time for the Right Job

Some types of online marketing are useful to build web traffic. Some of these work fast but can be expensive; some more slowly but more cost effectively; some don’t work well at all for remodelers. The one that is best for you may not be what you think.  If you have a good amount of traffic to your website, do you know if it is the right type of traffic? Continuum has developed web analytical approaches that can extract the information most useful for remodelers. If you are getting the right type of visitor and in enough numbers but no leads, there are specific things you do that are different than what you do for building traffic.

What type of social media is useful for remodelers and your company in particular?  What type is likely going to be a waste of money and time? Which online directories does it make sense for you to be listed in and which are not? Which, if any, are worth paying to advertise with or to get a paid sponsored listing?  Is your online strategy helping YOU or is it helping the website you are paying to be listed on more?

Bottom line: what is the best, most cost effective mix of online marketing for you? And how well does it work with your overall marketing effort, both online and traditional?

How C-MOM Works

Instead of setting up strict barriers between budgets for SEO, Pay Per Click, Website Optimization, Social Media, Web Analytics, etc. the C-MOM approach allows a combined online marketing budget to provide the budgetary control most remodelers desire with the dynamic flexibility needed to make day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month adjustments to your online marketing. This lowers the cost of managing and improves the effectiveness and responsiveness of the marketing provided. And if changes to your online marketing needs warrant changes to the parameters you have approved, we review with you the changes and get approval.

Why C-MOM Knows Best

Or should we say Continuum Marketing Group knows best? There are few things of absolute certainty when it comes to any type of marketing. And the same is true for online marketing. But Continuum only works with remodeling contractors and we are looking at the results of the marketing we do for them all the time as we do it. So Continuum’s team is in a very good position to have a better idea of how one online marketing approach or another will work for a remodeler and even for a specific remodeler or market than most general marketing or online marketing companies.

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