Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising for Remodelers

One of the online marketing strategies useful for remodeling contractor marketing is the category of Pay Per Click or PPC advertising. Often used is Google AdWords, but Pay Per Click advertising and Pay Per Impression advertising such as banner ads. There are a number of factors to be considered in selecting the specific approach and venues.

Pay Per Click with or Instead of Search Engine Optimization?

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization can be used individually or in combination.  PPC marketing works a bit differently than SEO and while in some ways they do much of the same thing, they also do different, some things better than the other. For certain situations the strategic use of PPC and SEO in a complementary fashion is the most effective and cost efficient solution.  In other cases, it is better to use one or the other.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click

Continuum uses Google AdWords pay per click programs when web traffic needs to be ramped up quickly and/or certain search terms are more expensive to achieve organic search engine than would PPC. Google’s AdWords program has many options and variables which we select based on our client’s specific needs. The cost for PPC advertising has two major components. There is the cost of the clicks that is paid to Google or some other provider and there is the cost of developing and managing the PPC program.

PPC Advertising Click Costs Vary from Market to Market and Based On Strategy

In some markets, useful clicks might cost $0.50 each, in other markets clicks for similar keywords cost in excess of $75.00 each. The use of very specific search phrases or more general ones, the use of lesser used search terms, and other strategies can adjust the costs as well as the results.

Because of this, even though PPC can be turned on and off at any time, it can take time before you zero in on the best strategy for what you are trying to sell, in a given market, with a given budget and a given strategy.

You Should Focus on More than Just Click-Through Rates

Because of the way online marketing disciplines are often broken up and services sold, the metrics used many times for PPC relate to the cost per click-through and the ratio of ad impressions to click-throughs you are getting. For many PPC specialists, whether or not you convert the click-through to a lead or sale is someone else’s problem. This type of thinking can lead to targeting metrics that can lead to wasteful spending and poor results for remodelers.

This is where Continuum’s understanding of the differences between other types of marketing, online and other, and in this case PPC for remodelers becomes important. We know if you are getting click-through visitors who are not staying on your site and converting to a qualified lead, the value of the PPC Click is nil. YES it is good to have a good ratio of impressions to clicks, but you also need an acceptable bounce rate for those visits and you need an acceptable conversion of those visitors to leads and eventually sales.

What’s Involved in a PPC Advertising Program

PPC programs have a number of components that must be developed and managed if you expect to get results. These include at a basis level:

  • Keyword/phrase selection
  • Geographic and other targeting factors
  • Creation of the text-based or graphic ads to be shown. These are best done per keyword/phrase and even sometimes per location
  • Creation of landing pages specific to the keyword/phrases and ads
  • Monitoring and adjusting the keyword/phrases, ads and landing pages to optimize the desired results

At a higher level, in addition to the above factors, a program may include these other types of efforts:

  • A/B or multivariant testing of ads and landing pages
  • A/B or multivariant testing of other aspects of goal conversion (including lead quality and close ratio)
  • More advanced use of PPC functions like “remarketing,” use of search networks as well as Google’s basic search presentation
  • Advanced or enhanced ad elements
  • And more…

With Continuum Marketing on the Job, the Whole Process Can be Optimized

Because Continuum and its senior staff members have been developing and optimizing remodeling company websites for about 20 years, as well as having used PPC marketing for about 10, we have all the skills and knowledge to select the right strategies, keyword/phrases, prepare the ads and landing pages, track and test the PPC results and optimize ads, landing pages and websites, as well as sales pitches on the website so that we can help you from start to sale and not just get you part-way there.

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