What Puts Continuum’s Contractor Marketing E-Newsletters Ahead?

Our Strategic Approach

Continuum Marketing Group specializes in remodeling contractor marketing. So, in addition to a strategically conceived, professional and engaging newsletter program, your e-newsletters are custom-built to fit your client demographics, your types of projects, and your marketing mix, as well as supporting your business strategy. No other remodeler e-newsletter program we know of delivers so much marketing value – on its own and in support of  public relations, social media, website optimization, jobsite marketing and other remodeler marketing programs. For our clients we also provide SEO services, the e-newsletters can be prepared in a way to enhance and support SEO efforts.

Content is designed to be useful and interesting to your past and prospective clients and referral sources and to serve your company’s needs.

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Elements of Our Remodeler E-Newsletter Marketing Strategy:

  • CUSTOM & RELEVANT EDITORIAL CONTENT: Editorial calendar totally customized for you; photos of your own work; plus, in most packages, original articles written or customized by our marketing pros just for your remodeling firm brand, demographics, marketing goals and business strategy – and designed to get readers motivated to remodel with your company.
  • EASY FULL-SERVICE PROGRAMS: We provide strategic annual planning and then handle the regular e-newsletter content development, production, list management, and e-mailing throughout the year. You can be very involved or have us handle it all.
  • MEANINGFUL ANALYTICS: We apply our years of remodeling contractor marketing expertise to provide and analyze detailed mailing-by-mailing metrics and use them to continue to improve your e-newsletter’s reach and its impact on web traffic, referrals, and new and repeat business.
  • UNDERSTANDING HOW TO MEASURE E-NEWSLETTER MARKETING RESULTS: E-newsletter marketing for remodelers produces results in ways that are not always understood or properly measured. Most of the business that is generated by e-newsletter marketing comes from people who are repeat or referred homeowners or who learned of your company another way and just became more engaged with your company through the e-newsletter. Typically e-newsletter leads are logged in as repeat and referral sourced. New clients who have been getting your e-newsletter may be identified as a web lead or a lead from an event. We can help you better understand the connection between your e-newsletter and the leads you are getting over time.
  • INTEGRATED MARKETING: We can use your e-newsletter to strengthen your entire marketing program by aligning content with website optimization, public relations, social media, lead generation and other tactics. It can be incorporated into our SEO programs to enhance them provide you added benefits.
  • FLEXIBILITY: You have input into your program so the editorial can be adapted to seize emerging opportunities or address new competitive issues even after an editorial schedule has been planned for the year.
  • AFFORDABILITY & VALUE: We offer a choice of five different e-newsletter programs, starting at just $195. Our refined and strategically developed programs mean that each package offers you superior value. The bottom line value is the package that will generate the most business per dollar invested.
  • REACH AND FREQUENCY: Reach and Frequency are two important marketing metrics. Reach is how many people get your message and Frequency is how often. As you build your e-mail list you are increasing its reach. You can target this reach to certain types of persons and to a small select or larger group. We time the Frequency of our e-newsletter program to be frequent enough to keep you in front of your readers but not so frequent that they tune out.
  • COI MARKETING AND MARKETING TO YOUR BASE: COI or Circle of Influence marketing (which is sometimes called Marketing to Your Base) is one of the things e-newsletters are good and cost effective at doing.
  • CONSISTENCY OF QUALITY AND PUBLICATION: The high quality of each e-newsletter’s content and design is consistent issue to issue, as is the fact that our delivery and open rates have historically been above average. Most importantly, your e-newsletter is published each month and not just when you have the time to get to it, as happens with many in-house efforts.
  • DESIGNED & WRITTEN TO ENCOURAGE REPEAT AND REFERRAL BUSINESS: We strategically develop and plan your e-newsletter program to help encourage past clients to do more projects with you and to refer their friends.
  • DESIGNED & WRITTEN TO ENCOURAGE NEW BUSINESS: For the portion of your readers who are not past clients or don’t know you and your company well, we craft the e-newsletter program to help generate a level of comfort with and confidence in your company. Comfort and confidence leads to brand preference for when they are ready to remodel.
  • MORE THAN JUST KEEPING YOU TOP OF MIND: Keeping your company name “Top Of Mind” with readers is useful but not all that our e-newsletters are designed to do. Our e-newsletter programs are designed to help build your business in many ways.
  • ENHANCING ENGAGEMENT: Our e-newsletters are designed to keep and build the relationship and emotional engagement your clients had with your company, long after you finished that last project with them. We seek to keep them thinking of you as “THEIR REMODELER” and not just the company that did some remodeling for them in the past.
  • WEB, SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA, PR TIE-INS: Our e-newsletter programs can be leveraged by and used to enhance your website’s content, website optimization, social media efforts and public relations efforts you have in place. Continuum can integrate our enewsletters into our SEO programs providing you even more for your marketing investment
  • ALWAYS EVOLVING: We are constantly looking at ways to achieve even better results for our clients with our e-newsletter programs. We monitor and analyze e-newsletter metrics across many remodelers; we look at trends in e-newsletters and devices and we look at how different approaches work best.
  • TESTING & BEST PRACTICES: We believe in the identification and use of best practices with e-newsletter or any other type of marketing. What we have found though is that what may be a best practice for companies marketing with e-newsletters broadly doesn’t always translate into a practice that is best for remodelers. We determine best practices by looking at results and testing new ideas before rolling them out to all our clients, whenever possible.
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