Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing for Remodeling Firms

Because Today Even Referrals Look for Remodelers Online

With more and more homeowners of all ages starting their search for a remodeling company online, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming essential in remodelers’ marketing tool kits. If you aren’t easily found online, your company won’t look as competitive and someone else will likely get the lead.

Search engine optimization is a multifaceted, multipart, ever-changing, never-ending component of online marketing that is critical for remodeling firms to use to be found online. Homeowners search for remodelers both by name (or the part of the name that they remember) and by specialty. A good SEO effort involves working on your website itself, called on-page SEO, and efforts done in other places on the web that link to your site, called off-page SEO.  Both are important and rarely will one by itself be enough.

Effective SEO for remodeling contractor websites is different in a number of significant ways than effective SEO for many other types of websites and for other types of businesses.

Specialists in Remodeler Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Remodelers

The secret to successful SEO for remodeler websites is doing it both well and cost efficiently. The economics of SEO are such that, for many remodeling firms, effective search engine optimization is too expensive, and in most cases cheap search engine optimization is a waste of money. Because we are remodeling firm marketing experts, we are able to leverage our knowledge of remodeler marketing and our expertise with SEO.  Plus, working with many – and only – remodeling firms we offer you the cost advantage of us knowing more about remodeling firm SEO marketing than other firms. You don’t have to pay us to come up to speed on remodeling firm marketing, homeowner remodeling buying practices, what makes a good remodeling firm website or all the other things a traditional SEO firm has to learn from you to be most effective. In this way we can focus our energies, and your budget, on more productive SEO activities.

Also, because we provide other kinds of remodeling contractor marketing services, we can easily incorporate SEO tactics into other marketing efforts that SEO firms would not.

Lastly, most SEO companies have services and packages designed around a typical “any-type-of-business” client and not around the unique requirements of remodeling firms. Our SEO services are designed exclusively around the needs of remodeling firms so you get what you need and don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.

Continuum SEO Programs for Remodelers Include:

  • Turnkey SEO services provided and managed by experts in remodeler marketing AND experts in SEO for remodeler websites.
  • Cost and time savings you get from not having to teach us about remodeling, remodeler marketing and how people search for remodeling services.
  • Continuum’s ability to identify, develop, use and refine remodeler-specific SEO best practices.
  • Continuum’s affordable SEO programs and our various SEO packages designed for remodelers with differing needs and budgets.*
  • Continuum’s ability to integrate and leverage all of your marketing efforts to make SEO and all your marketing more effective and cost efficient.
  • Working with a company that understands that there are other ways of marketing your remodeling firm that at times may be more cost effective than SEO and who will tell you that.
*Without specific remodeler marketing and remodeler SEO expertise and experience, effective SEO can be more expensive while low-cost SEO often sold to remodelers is generally not effective.
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