Online and Web Analytics for Remodeler Marketing Optimization

Perhaps the Most Underappreciated & Least Understood Marketing Tool

It is very unusual for Continuum’s staff to talk to a remodeler who pays much attention to their online analytics. And we almost never find a remodeler whom we have not been working with who understands how important this is to making their online AND ALSO their other marketing more cost effective.

Online & Web Analytics Can Help Improve Online & Traditional Marketing Efforts

Continuum uses online and web analytical tools to help evaluate both online and many types of traditional marketing efforts. Web analytics tools can tell you how your online marketing efforts are working and also, in some cases, give you  the most accurate and immediate indication of the impact of your traditional marketing efforts such as direct mail, events, home shows, ads and more. It requires proper planning, integration and execution but if and when it’s done, you can get surprisingly useful information.

The Key to Knowing What to Fix is Knowing What is Not Working

We believe in today’s world it is irresponsible for a marketing professional to make a final recommendation to a remodeling firm about their marketing without a proper evaluation of at least their web traffic. Web traffic and other online metrics, such as for social media venues, e-mail marketing, e-newsletters, etc. are the keys to understanding what is and isn’t working well and where you need to focus resources to get the results you desire.

Knowing What Metrics to Look at is Important for Effective Remodeler Marketing,  But So Is How You Look at Them

There are enough unique things about remodeler marketing that some of the standard ways online marketing firms look at online metrics for analysis can be misleading.

Just looking at the basic information many web analytics packages offer is simple but dangerous. It can lead you to make decisions and come to conclusions that are not accurate and could be harmful. For example, only a portion of most remodeling contractors’ web traffic is from visitors who could possibly become qualified leads. For some remodeler websites, we’ve seen ¾ of the traffic fall outside of what should be considered useful for leads. So you see your total web traffic going up and up and you think you are doing your SEO or PPC or Social Media effectively, when in fact you may be mostly bringing in unqualified visitors. As you increase the percent of unqualified visitors to your website, you start seeing a drop in the ratio of visitors to leads and you may see an increase in your website’s bounce rate. Both of these things could lead you to believe you have a problem with your website (which you may or may not). This could cause you to spend unnecessary time and money reworking what is in fact an effective website.

Web Analytics Can Clarify, Increase the Accuracy of & Improve Your Close Ratios

You may find that the ratio you are getting of calls to closed sales is going off the tracks and your sales staff is falling down on the job. It could just be that you are getting more unqualified calls because you have more unqualified web traffic, some of which is contacting you.

We have over a decade of looking at remodeling contractor web traffic and learning both how the online marketing industry looks at data and how some of those ways have to be modified to best serve remodelers.

Web Analytics are More Than Just Website Visits & Bounce Rates

There is a wealth of data useful for understanding your marketing, diagnosing the problems and coming up with actionable and targeted solutions.  You don’t have to be an expert, because Continuum helps our clients by setting up systems and reviewing their data. We then explain, in English, what the problems are and what solutions make the most sense.

We Look at Many Types of Web & Online Data to Deliver Solutions

  • Website traffic in dozens of different ways, many of which we have created specifically for remodeler marketing
  • E-newsletter and e-mail marketing metrics that are highly useful
  • Social media and other online marketing statistics from many sites
  • We look at your data and the data of many other remodelers, and have done so for more than a decade
  • We discuss with you your other marketing efforts, your leads and sales and factor that into the current and long term understanding and effective use of the web data
  • We identify your marketing problems and then develop, recommend and implement solutions

Web Analytics Can Help Identify Current Trends & Foreshadow Future Events

Because of the ways people use remodeler websites and some other trackable online venues, web analytics can often give you an early indication of what is starting to happen. It may be a slowdown or an uptick in interest in remodeling. It might be more people doing a certain type of remodeling.

Continuum Understands How to Cost Effectively Get & Use the Data

Understanding  web analytics isn’t always intuitive for most people. It can easily be misunderstood. If you don’t understand what you are looking at in the context of remodeler marketing, the likelihood of misinterpreting the data is even higher. Continuum has years of experience looking at and analyzing web data for remodelers. We know what data provides the most cost effective value and how the data can be used best.

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