Continuum Adds Value to DIY Marketing Tools for Remodelers

As we are sure you agree, a garage full of great tools doesn’t necessarily make a homeowner an effective remodeler. So we hope you understand when we say that generally having access to even very good marketing tools doesn’t necessarily make a remodeler an effective marketing pro.

HOWEVER, for remodelers or their staff members who do have the right marketing skills…

…We offer some of the online marketing systems we have found to be very helpful when properly used. What’s more, these online resources provide online and/or training and technical support.

Continuum Can Add More Value for DIY Remodeler Marketing Efforts

Even if you are looking for a DIY marketing solution, Continuum adds value you can’t get from these or other online DIY marketing resources. What we add is remodeler-specific marketing guidance on how to make the best use of the tools and systems offered by the companies we recommend for DIY marketing.

If you sign up for an account through one of our co-branded sign-up portals:

  1. Upon confirmation, we will send you a special Continuum Marketing Guide FREE with Remodeler Marketing Tips about getting the most value from these DIY systems.
  2. You are eligible to retain and use our professional creative, production, marketing consultation services if you need Remodeler Marketing specific support in setting up or optimizing your use of these DIY systems.

Constant Contact E-mail Marketing

There are a number of ways remodelers can use Constant Contact for marketing their remodeling services to homeowners. Constant Contact is one of the leading companies in the DIY online marketing area and Continuum is a Constant Contact Solutions Provider. You can sign up directly with Constant Contact through our co-branded portal. Let us know that you have and once confirmed your account is in our system we will send you FREE Continuum’s Guide to the Best Practices and ways we have found Constant Contact to be most useful for remodeler marketing.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Build, maintain and manage an opt-in list of e-mail addresses
  • Publish and e-mail e-newsletters
  • Do e-mail marketing and send out announcements
  • Send invitations to events and handle responses
  • Prepare and send or publish Surveys and Polls
  • Enhance your social media efforts
  • Analyze how your e-mail marketing efforts are being received
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ExpressCopy Printing and Mailing

Remodelers sometimes need to print a small quantity* (or “short run*”) of flyers, business cards, post cards, etc. ExpressCopy is an online printer and mailing house that specializes in “short run” printing and offers mailing services for the post cards it prints. For many types of sales tools, such as post cards, flyers, etc. they offer templates you can customize. You can also upload files you have created or someone has created for you to print. For certain types of printing that remodelers can benefit from, we have found them to be a good, cost effective option.

We have found them to be particularly useful for:

  • Printing and mailing location-specific jobsite marketing post cards
  • Jobsite-specific marketing brochures and handouts
  • Small to mid-size canvassing handouts
  • Testing of brochures and flyers before printing larger quantities
  • Reducing storage needs for printed marketing materials
  • Full color, two-sided business cards or business card size handouts
  • Full color flyers and brochures for special events
  • Door hangers
  • Greeting and holiday cards

*Like with remodeling, some tools and processes are best for specific types of jobs. If you have the need for larger quantities of printed marketing materials or services that ExpressCopy does not provide, please contact Continuum for a referral.

 Sign up for your FREE Expresscopy Account via Continuum's cobranded portal and get our Free Guide to Best Practices for Remodelers

Sign up for your FREE ExpressCopy Account via Continuum’s co-branded portal and get our Free Guide to Best Practices for Remodelers

 Our Relationship to the Marketing Service and Product Providers We Recommend

Continuum first and foremost recommends DIY and other marketing and marketing-related service providers that we believe, when used properly, can be helpful to our clients.  In most cases we have no formal or legal relationship to the other company, nor do we receive any compensation for our referrals. In some cases we have formal or informal “reseller” or “referrer” or similar relationships. These relationships are sometimes called “Business Partner”, “Partner”, “Marketing Partner” or similar names.  However, in the legal sense of the term “Partner” we are not partners of these other companies. Continuum is a separate company. Depending on the nature of the formal reseller/referral source relationships we have, we may be eligible for a commission or finders fee.
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