ASPIRE-CM®, Our Unique Remodeling Contractor Marketing Process

Continuum Marketing Group developed our unique ASPIRE-CM® marketing methodology specifically for developing, implementing and optimizing remodeling firm marketing programs.

Using ASPIRE-CM® from the start helps assure your remodeling firm’s marketing will provide you the best possible effectiveness, efficiency and return on your marketing investment.















ASPIRE-CM® Was Designed Specifically for Remodeling Contractor Marketing

ASPIRE-CM® works for many reasons. It is based on a time-tested and logical process. We start with an Assessment which is the gathering of all the relevant information and then evaluating it before developing recommendations specific to your company. We then create both a Strategy and Plan for the Implementation of your marketing program. As soon as parts of your marketing program are rolled out, we begin Reviewing the results using a variety of methods, some of which we developed specifically for remodeler marketing. Then we Evolve the marketing program as needed to optimize results and to account for changes in your market and company. As with the initial development of your program, we use the most appropriate industry best practices, time-tested methods, testing and innovative approaches.

Scalable for Large & Small Remodeling Firms

ASPIRE-CM can be scaled to work cost effectively for some small and most midsize or larger remodelers. It can also be scaled for clients with simple marketing needs or for remodelers selling the types of services that require more than one common approach. For small remodelers and start-up remodeling contractors, we generally use a modified and scaled down version ASPIRE-CM to help them move to the next level.

Adjusted for Implementing Program Elements

When helping our clients with just parts of their marketing and/or working within an existing marketing strategy, we have adapted the full ASPIRE-CM method to best fit the need and scale of what we will be doing. This generally includes a detailed review of the information about our client, their services, marketing issues and their market that is relevant to what we will be doing for them and what we are helping them accomplish.

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