We Can Help You Get Your Marketing Pointed in the Right Direction

Our Remodeler Marketing Consultants Are Also Active Remodeler Marketing Practitioners

The expert advice and guidance we offer our clients is perhaps the most important and valuable singular aspect of how we help our clients. This is because we have a  unique combination of knowledge and expertise in the areas of how remodeling businesses work, marketing in general and in particular marketing remodeling services in the most effective and cost efficient ways. In addition to talking with remodelers about their marketing, we are a team of marketing professionals who are actually planning, implementing and optimizing marketing programs for remodelers across the county. So like most good marketing consultants, we have a very good understanding of marketing in the theoretical and academic sense; we also know marketing in the very practical and applied sense of how things work in the real world for remodelers.

Helping Remodelers Effectively Market Across the Entire Marketing Continuum

Our company’s name, Continuum, was selected because we know a prospective buyer of your services must travel through every phase of the marketing continuum for you to be most successful. Starting out by first becoming aware of your company, a prospect moves through several steps of the continuum until they become a client. And then, ideally, they become a fan and asset of your company by sending you referrals and giving you all their own business. Because getting from the beginning to the end of the process is so important, we can help advise you on how to optimize your marketing across the entire continuum.

Helping Remodelers With Specific Marketing Problems & Opportunities

While some of our clients need help across the entire marketing continuum, we also consult with clients on individual areas of concern that are perhaps weak links in their overall marketing program.  Knowing and preparing marketing efforts of many types for many remodelers, we can help with both theoretical and practical advice to deal with most types of marketing issues. And we can, at the same time, easily see how what we might be helping them with can be leveraged with another aspect of their marketing to provide them more effective and more cost efficient marketing.


We evaluate your needs and marketing’s effectiveness


We assess your situation and problems


We analyze web traffic and marketing results


We advise or develop effective marketing strategies


We recommend tactics based on your needs


We develop marketing plans and complete programs


We conduct custom remodeler marketing research


We help test approaches to optimize results


We advise you how to improve your marketing


We can guide you to more effective approaches


We can coach you and your staff to improve efforts


We have even more ways in which to help our clients

Consultation for Simple to Complex Marketing for Remodeling Firms

We can help remodelers with their marketing problems in many ways. Some marketing problems are, on some levels, easy for us to identify and suggest possible solutions.  For some things this is sufficient. However, for most issues we suggest a more thorough approach. We start by first getting a complete understanding of the company, marketing situation, entire marketing program, business goals, etc. Then we can craft our recommendations to more specifically and optimally address your needs.

Remodeler Marketing Best Practices PLUS Custom Marketing Advice

When applicable, we recommend marketing solutions that follow the best practices the industry or Continuum has found works for remodeler marketing. BUT we don’t do it blindly. Each remodeler has a different situation and the specific best practices and the way they are implemented must be tailored to your specific needs.  AND, sometimes what are normally best practices for remodeling company marketing are not appropriate when we look at a client’s specific situation.

Marketing Consultants That Stick Around and Deliver

Most of our consulting is provided to remodelers who not only want to take advantage of our advice and experience for consultation but also want us to help them implement the recommendations we have suggested. It’s a lot easier for some consultants to recommend things and move on, letting others implement the marketing program while putting distance between the consultant and any responsibility for whether the recommendations work. We instead generally implement, observe and optimize the marketing efforts and programs we recommend.  This not only assures that there is nothing lost between the recommendation and execution but also means we see how well what we recommend works.  This feedback is invaluable for us to continually improve the advice we give based on what both theoretically should work and what actually works.

Limited to Continuum’s Clients and Select Others

Our consulting and coaching services are preferentially offered to remodeling contractors who are working with Continuum as their primary marketing provider or where Continuum is providing other non-consulting services. We do accept a small select group of other remodelers for whom we provide consultation services alone.

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