Remodeler Marketing Management Services from Continuum

 Scope of Our Management Services

Continuum provides marketing management services to remodeling contractors in a number of different ways. At one end of the spectrum, we can manage virtually all of your marketing efforts. More typically we manage a portion of a client’s marketing efforts in tight coordination with our client’s owner or marketing/administrative staff. We also manage discrete marketing programs, like e-newsletter programs, SEO, Pay Per Click, online marketing, web analytics, direct mail, etc.

When managing marketing efforts we can take care of strategy, development, implementation, monitoring, measuring, refining and improving marketing efforts over time, and more.

Custom Levels of Management Optimized for Our Clients’ Needs

We work with our clients to manage their marketing in the ways that maximize the effectiveness and cost efficiency as well as the results of the effort. We help our clients determine what skills and time they have in house and, when there are the skills and time, help them manage all or part of the program with internal staff. We configure the management to use Continuum’s expertise when doing so is more beneficial to our clients.

Focus on Programs Even With Specific Types of Marketing

With the exception of some DIY-type services, Continuum’s single-tactic services such as e-newsletters, website development and management, direct mail, etc. are offered as managed programs and not generally as one-shot efforts. For example, our e-newsletter marketing programs are fully managed. As our client you have little more to do than provide information, approve copy and build the e-mail list as you meet people. We do all the rest. You save time and the job gets done.

Flexible, Supportive & Practical

Some of our clients are short on staff and time now but might add admin or marketing staff later. We can start our by managing most of their marketing and then, as staff come on board, hand over the management to staff. We even can help train and coach in-house staff who have the willingness to learn. We believe management of programs should be done where the management costs the least and does the most good.

Most Popular Marketing Management Services

We are actively involved in assessing, planning, implementing, refining and managing key aspects of your overall marketing program. This includes branding, traditional and online/digital marketing efforts.
We take all the headaches and details out of your hands from domain registration to web development, maintenance, updates, marketing and even hosting,
We can provide you the program management required to keep your marketing program optimized in relationship to website efforts.
Individually or as an overall online marketing effort, we can manage your online marketing to optimize and maximize its effectiveness.
We provide complete managed programs that deliver newsletters designed to drive business and build relationships.
We provide direct mail development, printing, list, mailing and overall direct mail program management. This is for area-wide programs or jobsite marketing or other purposes.
From venue assessment to managing print, online or other advertising programs and efforts. We can handle planning and placement, creative and production.
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