Direct Mail Marketing for Remodeling Contractors

Continuum Delivers Direct Mail Marketing for Remodeling Contractors

Continuum has a long history of using direct mail to help remodelers expand brand awareness and generate leads. The direct mail services we provide are useful for jobsite marketing as well as broader, larger scale mailings such as for neighborhood and area-wide mailings. We pride ourselves on the careful crafting of mailing lists as well as mailers to help assure the best possible results. We also pride ourselves on the way we have helped our clients measure the impact of direct mail efforts. This includes the development of our Marketing Response Analysis approach which provides an accurate and quick indication of the impact a given mailer has when it is sent, even when some homeowners may not respond by contacting our clients until months later.

Direct Mail Offers Remodelers Targeted & Flexible Marketing Options

Long a standard marketing approach for generating awareness and leads for remodeler marketing, direct mail offers the benefits of being highly targetable and generating measureable results. From jobsite mailings to neighborhood and area-wide mailings, personal and mass letter mailings to brochures, flyers, post card and holiday cards and specialty mailings, the options are many. With the proper timing of well thought-out and executed mailings you can get the right message in front of the people you most want to sell to, when you want to.

Mailing Development

Continuum can provide you with a turnkey solution to the development of a mailing program for your company. We can develop an ongoing mailing program with mailings through the year or create mailing materials that can be customized for each jobsite. We can also draft letters to be used in mailing efforts.

Mailing Lists

As important as what your mailer content is, if mailed to a poorly selected list or one that is not carefully crafted, your printing and mailing costs will go up but your results won’t be any better. The strategic selection of who to mail to and who not to mail to can make the difference between a direct mail effort that is profitable for you and one that is not. We also consider types of mailings that do not require mailing lists but for which carrier routes need to be assessed for their potential and suitability.

Mailing Methods

When planning a direct mail marketing program for you we consider various methods of delivery. Depending on your need, we can mail in one of many ways. Typically these are first class mail, standard mail or EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). Each has its pros and cons and there are significant differences among the various mailing methods in terms of costs, delivery timing, list cost and mailing prep costs.

Types of Mailings

  • Post Cards
  • Oversize Post Cards
  • Brochures/Flyers
  • Letters
  • First Class
  • Standard Mail
  • EDDM

Direct Mail Program Services

  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Design & Production
  • Printing
  • Mailing Lists
  • Printing
  • Mailing
  • Management
  • Assessments

Results & Assessments

The bottom line for mailings is that they have to produce enough business over time so that the costs of mailer development, lists, postage, mailing expenses, etc. represent just a rather small percent of the business they generate. With the costs involved and in certain markets, this is not always easy or even possible. In other markets you can generally get a response within a predictable range with a high degree of confidence that your mailings will be profitable for you. Because even the best targeted list may have people getting the mailings who will not be ready to call a remodeler for many months, but will call because of a mailing, we have developed methods to measure the results of larger mailings faster and more accurately than waiting for people to call.

Flexibility of Process

Continuum can handle every aspect of the types of mailing you would likely need. However, only certain types of mailings would provide you with the most cost effective solution. Because of this, we advise our clients which types of mailings we should handle 100% and which mailings they can do parts of to make the process cost less. We have, for example, teamed up with a short-run printer so that we can help our clients develop templates for jobsite mailers but our clients can upload the files and use the online company to print, address and mail with only a few clicks on their computers. Of course even when we can provide this self-service option, we are always willing to take care of a mailing for a client who hasn’t the time or staff.

When we suggest self-serve options and our client has the staff but not the expertise, we can simplify the process and train our client’s admin staff to handle most mailings on their own or with occasional assistance from our team.

Recent History of Remodeler Direct Mail Marketing

Prior to 2008, in most areas of the US we were recommending direct mail for jobsite marketing and for targeted brand awareness and lead generation. We regularly were doing both small and large scale mailings and they were producing positive and often reasonably predictable results. Since 2008, for certain types of remodelers, in certain areas, the ROI on direct mail efforts became much smaller. In some cases to the point where you could not reasonably assume a mailing would be productive or break even. Jobsite mailings still produced but their results were lower than in the past. This was largely due to the overall drop in demand for remodeling and in part because of increases in the cost of printing, mailing and postage.

With some innovations to the way we crafted the programs, we were able to increase the response rate to the point where, in most cases, jobsite direct mail can still be cost effective.

Our Forecast for Direct Mail Marketing for Remodelers

As markets strengthen and assuming postal rates don’t go too high, we believe that direct mail can and will again become a good tool for marketing remodeling firms for larger scale mailings, as well as an even better tool for the jobsite mailings which are typically productive even now.

Also, with the introduction of Every Door Direct Mail, (EDDM) by the post office, some of the costs of mailing such as lists, addressing and postage are dramatically lowered and what you can send out can be larger. Because EDDM must be sent to everyone (hence “Every Door” Direct Mail) on a carrier route, the mailings are harder to target. But a good carrier route can make EDDM strategies useful.

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