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Jobsite Marketing for Remodeling Firms

Jobsite marketing continues to be an effective and cost efficient tactic for remodeling firm marketing. It typically generates leads that are relatively qualified and usually easier to sell to than leads from online searches or lead services. Continuum Marketing Group can help you make the most of your marketing opportunities while “on the job.”  Depending on the neighborhoods you work in, different types of marketing may work better than others.  Our help can come in the form of ideas you can implement on your own, as well as ideas that would use our design and copywriting or tools we can develop for you.

Plus, if you’re new or not doing as many jobs as you used to, Continuum’s marketing expertise can help you supplement jobsite marketing with other tactics to keep your remodeling firm visible – and profitable.

Jobsite Marketing Advantages

Jobsite marketing can be some of the most cost effective marketing you can do.  Jobsite signs, vehicle graphics, marketing efforts to neighbors around the house you are working on, as well as having your field crew and subcontractors maintain good relations with the neighbors and keeping the jobsite clean and safe cost little and help a great deal.  The approaches you use, the number of homes around your project, and how you leverage your project in an area all contribute to the success of generating more businesses. We can help you with ideas, strategies and with tools.

Is Jobsite Marketing Right for You?

The major drawback of jobsite marketing is that when you are slow and need to market, you don’t have as many (if any) jobsites to use for marketing. While you can sometimes stretch your jobsite marketing strategy for when you are slow or do post-job jobsite marketing, the key thing to keep in mind is that you should have other means of marketing in place as well so that when the market slows down, jobsite marketing is not the only marketing tool in your tool kit.

Continuum’s Jobsite Support & Programs Include:

  • Jobsite Marketing Strategies & Ideas
  • Jobsite Mailings: Post Cards
  • Jobsite Mailings: Letters
  • Jobsite Marketing Door Hangers
  • Jobsite Marketing Brochures
  • Jobsite Marketing Packages
  • Jobsite Sign Design
  • Vehicle Graphics Design
  • And More
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