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Remodeler Marketing Tips & Ideas

Learn more about remodeling contractor marketing, plus get ideas you can use to help make your marketing work better.

90% Referrals Can Be Fatal Remodeler Marketing Strategy

When it comes to remodeler marketing, a high percentage of referral-based projects is a blessing that can turn fatal. But how, and why? Having a high referral rate generally means you are doing a good job in making your clients happy, which is great remodeler marketing. However if a high percentage of your remodeling business’ [...]

Search Engine Optimization vs. Website Optimization

We frequently find that remodelers seeking marketing assistance are unclear about the differences between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Optimization. Both of these remodeler marketing practices are important and, though related to each other, they are not the same. It is important to understand that they are not the same and how they are [...]

When It Comes to Remodeler Marketing – Trust in Chemistry

Our remodeler marketing research has shown that while there are many differences between remodeling companies, homeowners often have trouble deciding which remodeling company is the best for them out of the two to four they have decided to call. Often the decision of who to talk to is based on a combination of factors including [...]

Help Them…Don’t Sell Them – Smarter Remodeler Marketing

More and more homeowners today resist being “sold to,” but are happy to buy from remodelers who help them make informed purchase decisions. This used to be a characteristic of Gen X purchasers, but as Boomers became more careful in the way they shop, research, and spend their money, they have also taken on this [...]

EPA Wants Your Comments on RRP

The Environmental Protection Agency is soliciting comments about the costs and burdens to companies in complying with the Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule. This is an opportunity for remodelers to voice their opinions on the EPA’s estimates for certification and record-keeping. It is particularly interested in getting comments that will enable it to: Evaluate the [...]

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Is Remodeling Firm Shopping an Online Activity?

Based on recent Pew Internet report, Continuum Marketing Group estimates that 80% of full service and design build remodelers' best prospects research online.

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