MM-testimonialsLast month we talked about how important it is for you to get testimonials. It will probably feel easier to ask for a testimonial than a referral or lead, so here are some suggestions on how to get the quotes you need:

Actively listen – A customer may offer a comment anytime during a project – at the beginning, middle or end. So if you hear your client say something you believe would make a good testimonial, immediately ask the customer if you can use the quote and obtain their permission to use their name and town along with the quote.

Regularly check in – Create opportunities for clients to compliment the job you’re doing. A quick phone call or e-mail asking how you’re serving them may result in some positive feedback you can use. Plus, asking them if they are happy and how you can improve what you’re doing will show you are strongly committed to client service.

Ask for them outright – If you believe a client is happy with their experience with you, they would likely be happy to write a short letter telling you what staff members did that impressed them, what they liked about working with you, what they loved about the project, etc.

Ask specific questions – As an alternative to requesting a general testimonial, it can sometimes be better to pose a carefully worded question to clients. This will compel them to give you a specific and valuable response. For example, if you feel your price guarantee is a strong selling point for your company, you might ask, “How did our price guarantee make a difference for you and your remodeling experience?” And remember never to phrase a question so it can be answered simply with a “yes” or “no.”