Is ESS the New Model for Remodeler Marketing?
Even though more and more homeowners don’t like to be “sold to,” your job is to get homeowners to buy your remodeling services. What’s a remodeling company marketing pro supposed to do?

We suggest you remember “ESS,” “Educate, Sensitize, and Sell.” Homeowners today want help making intelligent decisions about what they buy and from whom. So the best way to sell is to help homeowners make the right decisions. You can educate them in all sorts of ways about remodeling, selecting a remodeler, design trends, green remodeling, and a whole host of other topics homeowners would be grateful to receive information about.

But beyond educating, you probably also want to help sensitize homeowners to things they should be concerned about so that they can weed out those remodelers who are less likely to provide them with a quality project and an enjoyable experience.

This does not mean bad-mouthing others in your industry. It does mean acquainting homeowners to the dangers and downsides of hiring unlicensed and uninsured remodelers, perhaps remodelers with lower qualifications, or remodelers that do not have a well-oiled team working for them, as well as a whole lot of other things that a homeowner should know in order to make a wise decision when they select a remodeler.

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