It could if your e-mail address ends with,,, or another consumer/personal type e-mail address domain. Simply put, using these types of e-mail accounts can blow your credibility as a serious and established business.  Worse, they can raise red flags about you and your company.  Here are some reasons why I believe this.

  1. It’s no longer accepted as professional to use these types of e-mail addresses for business communications.
  2. E-mail addresses are generally provided on business cards and websites. Your e-mail address might be part of the first impression you make on a homeowner.
  3. Generally, only an unsophisticated and/or very small business wouldn’t have the knowhow and/or resources to have company domain e-mail.  Even if you are a professional and sophisticated business owner, the use of a consumer type e-mail address says otherwise.
  4. Consumer e-mail accounts are so easy to open and close that these types of e-mail accounts can give the impression you are not an established or stable business.
  5. Have you ever noticed that so much of the spam you get is sent with Gmail and similar kinds of e-mail accounts?  If you are using a Gmail or similar type of account for business, your e-mails run the risk of looking like they may be spam and either being ignored or stopped by spam filters.

Looking at this screenshot, which of these e-mail addresses look like they come from a serious, professionally run and established remodeling business?

e-mail address

OK, now let’s imagine that you are looking for a new certified public accounting firm because your last one didn’t do such a great job.  You are given e-mail addresses of three accountants by friends.  Each friend said they were happy with the work done for them.

Which of these accountants would you want doing your personal and business tax returns based on their e-mail addresses?

Now if you picked the first or second e-mail address, which accountant would you want with you if you get audited?

So, getting back to remodeling firm e-mail, you can see why you want to make sure you use an e-mail address that uses your company’s website domain, such as

If you already have a company domain, getting e-mail addresses with your domain name is simple.  In many cases your website development and/or web hosting company can provide them to you.  If not, the company you have your domain registered with can provide them to you.  There are companies that specialize in e-mail hosting and almost any IT consultant can set you up with domain-based e-mail.

At Continuum, we think domain based e-mail is so important we provide free e-mail hosting to all our webhosting clients. Contact us if we can help you with Web and e-mail hosting.