Jobsite postcard mailingsWithout a doubt, jobsite marketing is one of the most cost-effective remodeler marketing approaches. At one end, jobsite marketing involves a well-designed and visible jobsite sign with your company name, logo, website, phone number, and perhaps a tagline and a “take-one” box with brochures. At the other end, jobsite marketing includes a jobsite sign as above plus trucks, vans, and trailers with company branding and information on them, branded dumpsters, postcard and/or letter mailings to surrounding homes, handouts or door hangers, or gifts and perhaps even an end-of-project party for your homeowners so they can show off their newly remodeled home to their friends and neighbors.

Jobsite marketing can also include a clean, safe jobsite, being a good neighbor to the project site’s adjacent homes, and generally ‘wowing’ your client with service and quality.

So what are the cons of jobsite marketing for remodelers?

The biggest problem with jobsite marketing for remodelers is your lack of control over where the jobsite is and how many jobsites you have going at one time. You might have a great project in an area that may not have many homes close enough to realize there is a remodeling job going on, or the home may be in an area that has poor visibility, like the end of the pipe stem or cul-de-sac. Or maybe it’s in an area where the other homes are not likely prospects for you. The other control problem with remodeler jobsite marketing, and you are all familiar with this by now, is that when the market slows, your cost-efficient jobsite marketing approach has fewer and fewer opportunities for use. Few jobsites means less marketing and less marketing means fewer jobsites.

There are also neighborhoods and buildings (if you work on condos) that do not allow the use of jobsite signs or the parking of commercial vehicles where they can be easily seen. However, you can still do direct mail and sometimes personal canvassing in these situations.

What you should take away from this post, is that you should have a good, multi-faceted jobsite marketing program that cost-effectively generates business when you can use it, but you should not rely solely on jobsite marketing because when you need it most you can use it the least.

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