couple-with-laptopRemodeler Headache #52
Unless your company is near-perfect and lucky, one day you will have a dissatisfied client who will let the world know of their dissatisfaction with your remodeling company online via a bad or very poor rating. While in some ways this is worse than having someone bad mouth your company to their friends and coworkers, it is better than that in several respects:

1.   Once you know the homeowner is dissatisfied, you have the opportunity to contact them and see if there is something you can do to improve their satisfaction. Perhaps you didn’t even know they were unhappy and can easily remedy the problem. Once you have fixed the problem, you can ask them if they would consider adjusting their rating.

2.  Several good online consumer ratings will generally neutralize one bad online rating. Most people who see online ratings expect to see, even for the best companies, a small percentage of bad online ratings. In fact if you have only good ratings it can make your ratings look like they have been artificially influenced. So if you are lucky enough to have 10 online ratings with four and five stars, and one rating with one star or two stars, it’s not a big deal.

People will just assume that the bad review came from a malcontent. However, they may read the reason why the person was unhappy in the review and be concerned about that reason. In that case, you just want to make sure that you have a good explanation ready for why the problem occurred and how you tried to resolve the matter should any future prospect inquire.

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