Up until recently, Google Places would bring in consumer ratings from other search engines. So if someone looked you up and saw you had five reviews on Google Places, it could be that two of them came from a website like Yelp. This made it less important that homeowners provide you with good reviews on any particular consumer ratings website.

Now it is important for you to have a strategy for online consumer ratings relative to where people post their rating.
Since consumer ratings, both quantity and quality, help determine your ranking on rating websites such as Google Places, you may want to direct your satisfied clients to provide you a review on Google Places. Or, you may wish not to recommend where people review you, unless they have no idea where to provide a consumer rating. The theory behind not directing people to a specific ratings site is that your clients will go to the sites where they would normally go to seek other consumer ratings for other businesses. In some parts of the country, Google Places might be the dominant ratings destination, whereas in others it might be Yelp or Angie’s List or some other rating site.

Our suggestion is to simply ask people where they would likely rate you, and if they do not know, then you can suggest a source to them. Once you know you have good ratings at a particular site, you can suggest on your remodeling company website that people go to that source to find reviews about you.

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