More and more homeowners today resist being “sold to,” but are happy to buy from remodelers who help them make informed purchase decisions. This used to be a characteristic of Gen X purchasers, but as Boomers became more careful in the way they shop, research, and spend their money, they have also taken on this purchasing characteristic.

One of the ways this affects remodeler marketing, and especially web related marketing, is that it is more and more important to provide useful and helpful information on your website, by e-mail/ e-newsletter, and via social media rather than by a “hard sell” about how great your company is. Of course, you don’t have to ignore that you are a good company or withhold information of your achievements, but it is better for the homeowner to reach the conclusion you are great on their own by reading about your company, experiencing your helpfulness, and seeing your photos.

There are a number of ways to help homeowners come to an informed decision about selecting a remodeler. Since you also want to establish yourself as an expert so that they can trust your company to do a good job, one remodeler marketing strategy is to share your expertise in solving problems for homeowners. This method can include examples of how you solved difficult remodeling challenges, how they can go about preparing for a remodeling project, how they can select the remodeler, information about new materials that they may want to consider, and a whole host of other approaches.

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