remodeling contractor marketingOur remodeler marketing research has shown that while there are many differences between remodeling companies, homeowners often have trouble deciding which remodeling company is the best for them out of the two to four they have decided to call. Often the decision of who to talk to is based on a combination of factors including referrals, references, and online research. We have also found that even after a decision is made by the homeowner about which remodeler to use, they often believe that the choice was a difficult one and that many of the remodelers they considered may have been just as qualified to complete their project.

So what makes a homeowner decide to use one remodeler over the other seemingly similarly qualified and priced remodelers? Many times, we believe, a major component of the decision is the chemistry between the homeowner and the contractor. In particular, does the homeowner trust that this contractor and their company will do a good job at a fair price, and are they comfortable opening their home to this company? The greater the impact you can make on this sense of trust and chemistry with a homeowner, the better. A meaningfully higher level of trust and better chemistry can even allow your price or ballpark estimate to be a bit higher than their number 2 choice.

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