web-marketing-seo1We frequently find that remodelers seeking marketing assistance are unclear about the differences between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Optimization. Both of these remodeler marketing practices are important and, though related to each other, they are not the same. It is important to understand that they are not the same and how they are different.

Search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, is a process in which changes are made to your website and “back links” are created to your remodeling company website from other websites that help increase your search engine ranking for certain search terms. Often times this can mean increased traffic to your website from other sites and to “landing pages” on your website specifically designed and written to capture traffic for specific keywords. However, ranking high in Google and increased traffic to your remodeling company’s website does not necessarily mean increased sales. The ranking and traffic increase are only truly valuable if the search terms you are using are ones that will attract the right type of visitors.

Website optimization is a process in which your remodeling company’s website, including its landing pages, is optimized so that visitors to your website take the actions you desire. This might be to sign up for your remodeling company’s e-newsletter, request a white paper, or contact you about a project. If you are getting the right type of traffic, but your website is not doing a good job of “converting” these visitors to leads, then your website needs to be optimized. The overlap between SEO and website optimization are the landing pages created for the purpose of SEO which must also move the visitor to take the next step towards the desired action. Arguably, the landing page can be the responsibility of either the SEO provider or the website optimization provider or both in terms of making sure visitors go beyond that one page.

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