Social MediaHaving attended the Remodeling Show in Baltimore a few weeks ago and then the Remodelers Advantage Business Summit 2010 in Kohler Wisconsin last week, one of the clear messages that kept coming up speaker after speaker and also in side discussions was that search engine optimization (SEO) and social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now part of how remodelers must market themselves. Not mentioned as much is also how local search is part of the mix as well.

There is no question that SEO, Social Media and Local Search are useful tools for marketing.  There is no question that many traditional remodeler marketing tools have become less cost effective in the past few years.  There is no question the way people buy, interact with each other and communicate has changed dramatically.  The challenge for most typical size remodeling firms is being able to find the way to use these new marketing tools cost effectively and maintain the level of effective marketing they need.

SEO and social media can be time intensive and require knowledge and skill sets most remodeling firms don’t have in-house.  But then again, remodeling firms rarely had the in-house staff skills to develop and execute marketing efforts like ad campaigns, direct mail programs, jobsites signs and vehicle graphics, websites and a whole lot more in the past.  With ads and mass mailings generally being less productive, those budgets can be reassigned to the new types of marketing efforts.  Marketing budgets for remodelers of all sizes and types have to readjust to the realities of today’s marketplace and on-line marketing costs.

We believe one of the secrets of making SEO, websites, social media, local search, e-newsletters, blogs and other new marketing tools work is to integrate them and have a broad strategy.  Integrated marketing communications has always proved to be more cost effective than standalone efforts and with SEO, websites, social media, local search, e-newsletters, blogs it is just as true.  In fact integrating all of the new marketing with the traditional marketing efforts that are still effective will further leverage your marketing investment.