remodeler-enewslettersThe need to “publish or perish,” once a pressure felt exclusively by college professors and other academics, is now shared, to a real extent, by remodelers. Like it or not, more and more homeowners are inclined to buy services from remodeling contractors who provide them with helpful information about design, remodeling, and the remodeling process. In today’s parlance, information is called “content” and in the world of online marketing, “content is king”.

While a lot of professional remodelers would be happy to share what they know with homeowners, only a small percent of remodelers enjoy and are really good at writing. This in itself should not really be an obstacle for remodelers because you can outsource writing and editing at a reasonable price. The trick is making sure that the content generated has strategic marketing value, is not sales-y, and is interesting and helpful.

But what about the publishing part? This is where technology has really helped. No longer is it expensive to publish your content. Some of the vehicles you can use include your remodeling company website, remodeling company blog, remodeling company e-newsletter, homeowner guidance and white papers, articles you write for local papers and online papers, etc.

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