Most remodelers nowadays know what a site map is when it comes to their website and remodeler marketing. It is a page that has hypertext links to all the pages on your remodeling company website. But did you know you really need two and possibly three types of site maps to do the most good?

The first site map, the one people use, needs to be simple, straightforward, and well-organized. The second site map, sometimes called an XML site map, is for search engines and search engine optimization. This site map tells the search engines what pages you think are most important, least important, and how often the search engines should check for updates on a given page. The last type of site map is of value, for search engine optimization purposes, if you have videos on your website. There is a special format for video site maps that tells the search engines what they need to properly index videos on your website. The fact that you have videos on your website also helps your site in search engine optimization by improving its ranking… At least as long as videos are not on all websites.

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