I consider successful a seminar or workshop where I come away with one or two good ideas. At some workshops, like the Remodelers Advantage Power Meeting I attended this past week, I walked away from the meeting with tons of notes and my head spinning with ideas I couldn’t wait to put into action. I always review my notes after meetings and list the ideas and action items I want to pursue. However, I sometimes find that it’s the ideas from the most idea-rich meetings that are the hardest to get from my long list of ideas into action.

Because this Remodelers Advantage Power Meeting was one of those idea-rich meetings, one of the RA presenters made a simple but great suggestion. She said, take all the ideas you want to use from the meeting and make a list. Then make a second list of no more than three action items. Until you finish at least one item, don’t put another on the action list. Her idea became the #1 action item on my action list. The second thing on my list was to share this idea! Now I can add two more ideas to put to good use.

One more tip: Remodelers Advantage puts on Power Meetings on all kinds of topics. If you have never attended one, I recommend you look into them at http://www.remodelersadvantage.com/.